Terms & conditions


You instruct us to advertise your property for sale with no tie-in. Multiple agencies are accepted.


We will prepare a set of property particulars on your behalf. However, we are not responsible for any of the data that it provides to buyers. All information on our website, and all information provided to buyers directly, cannot be guaranteed and do not form part of any contract.

You must approve verbally or in writing your property details before marketing of the property can commence.

Ownership/Authority to Sell

You warrant and confirm that you:

  1. have the necessary authority, power and capacity to sell the relevant property, and
  2. are the beneficial owner of the property or have authority from the beneficial owner to sell the property.

Energy Performance Certificate (“EPC”)

It is a legal requirement for you to have commissioned an EPC before we are able to start the marketing of your property. You must provide us with a copy of an up to date EPC prior to marketing. We can provide details for our recommended independent Energy Assessor if required.

For Sale Board

We will supply you with a ‘for sale’ board at the property. Once the board has been delivered it becomes your own property and it is your responsibility to take it down once you sell the property or re‐erect it if it is affected by weather conditions or by a third party. We are not liable for the loss of your board or any damage the board may cause. You will be charged £10 for each additional board that you require.

Maintenance and Repair

We accept no responsibility for the maintenance or repair of any unoccupied property.


This website contains links to third party websites over which we have no control. Quality Street Ltd assumes no responsibility for the content of third party websites or for any losses which may arise out of use of a third party website. The presence of a link to a third party does not mean that we endorse that site or have any association with the proprietor of that website.


We can accompany any viewings of your property at your request, otherwise it will be your responsibility to carry out viewings.


We confirm that (unless instructed to the contrary in writing by you) we will forward to you promptly and accurately in writing all offers from prospective buyers.

Memorandum of Sale

We will prepare and send out sales memorandum letters on your behalf and on behalf of the prospective buyer. These letters shall be sent to both sets of solicitors/conveyancers involved and a copy shall also be sent to you, and your prospective buyer.

Conveyancing Services

To facilitate the sale of your property we will introduce you to Quality Street Legal Limited, a firm authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, or such other firm or firms who are part of a panel of Solicitors or Licenced Conveyancers introduced by us to you to act on your behalf once a sale has been agreed. A fee sharing agreement is in place whereby we share fees with Quality Street Legal Limited, or such other firm who is introduced to you by us. Quality Street Limited and Quality Street Legal Limited share a financial interest.

Business Protection from Misleading Marketing Regulations 2008 and Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008

To ensure compliance with the Business Protection from Misleading Marketing Regulations 2008, SI 2008/1276 (BPMM Regs) and Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, SI 2008/1277 (CPUT Regs), and to ensure that neither we nor you become involved in any legal action, we reserve the right not to publish any information provided by you or on your behalf.

You must indemnify us, our proprietors, directors, members, employees or agents against any claim made in respect of your property or any misleading marketing (as defined in the BPMM Regs), misleading action or omission (as defined in the CPUT Regs) or any other misdescription that arises wholly or partially out of your act or default.

Data Protection

You agree to us holding, processing and disclosing your personal data (including any details and photographs of your property) for any reason in connection with the sale and marketing of your property.

We will comply with all data protection legislation in its dealings with your personal data. Our Privacy Policy is available upon request and on our Website.

Money Laundering

As a result:

  1. we reserve the right to ask you for such information as we require to comply with the Legislation to verify your identity (or the identity of the person/entity that you represent), which must be received before we can proceed with any work on your behalf;
  2. we reserve the right to terminate our relationship with you if, when requested to provide such information, you fail to do so or we consider that the evidence provided is insufficient to discharge our obligations under the Legislation (or such similar legislation as is in force from time to time); and
  3. you acknowledge that we may also be required to provide information to the relevant authorities without prior notification or any liability to you if we know or have a reasonable reason to suspect that you (or the person/entity that you represent) are involved in money laundering or terrorist financing.

Our Fee

If at any time contracts for the sale of the property are exchanged with a buyer introduced by us during the sole agency period or with whom we had negotiations about the property during the sole agency period, you will be liable to pay our fee.

Our fee is £2999.00 (Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine Pounds) including VAT, which shall be payable on the completion. However, we reserve the right to charge a fee of no less than 0.5% of the value of your property in circumstances where the value of the property exceeds £1,000,000.00. In these circumstances we will negotiate the fee with you.

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